Erin Daly, West Monroe

Erin Daly, Director, Organizational Change Management, West Monroe

Erin Daly is a Director in the Operations Excellence practice with a focus on Change Management. Erin has built a reputation as a strategic partner, trusted advisor, skilled facilitator and a successful architect of tailored change management strategies and frameworks.

She is highly skilled in leading OCM programs across a multitude of types of transitions, such as technology, organizational changes and culture transformations. She has successfully lead change efforts for teams of all sizes, from less than 50 employees to a global workforce of more than 50,000.  Erin is renowned for her adept management of complex and high-risk initiatives, including turnaround efforts in cases of failure or imminent risk. She thrives in challenging scenarios marked by schedule delays, stakeholder resistance, resource constraints, and ROI setbacks. Erin’s systematic approach involves strategic evaluation, team mobilization, and client collaboration to achieve noteworthy outcomes. Erin takes immense pride in her ability to work with all levels of the organization, from the C-Suite to field staff and her track record of building partnerships with her clients to achieve great success, together.


Erin started her career fundraising for both causes and candidates. Within these colorful environments, Erin learned the power of thoughtful collaboration, the success of blending frameworks and scrappiness and the art of graceful tenacity.  This unique beginning was the perfect start to a career leading changes for organizations and people.


Erin was a founding member of 71 & Change, now part of West Monroe. She studied History and Political Science at Colorado State University and is certified in Prosci.

She is an active and passionate thought leader in the change management community, having been part of a team that founded the first US chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) in the Pacific Northwest and presenter at a number of Global ACMP Conferences.

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